Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who is that man?

My husband just shaved off his beard!!!

Let me tell you the whole story. Justin started growing some pretty serious facial hair pretty young. He kept a goatee or a beard from about age 14 until about age 19, when he randomly shaved off his beard. It was just that once, and then he let it grow immediately back. Our niece Shelby was about two at the time and freaked out because she didn't know who he was. Also, imagine aging from 14 to 19 under a beard. No one really knew what the face looked like under there. He had grown up over those 5 years; his face was completely different.

So, flash forward to tonight. We've just gotten home from a week at the beach. I'm here, catching up on E-mails and reading blogs, while Justin was giving Alexander his bath. In walks Justin with NO BEARD! May I remind you that I have not seen the man's face for 7 years? So I say, "Who is that man?" and Alexander says, "He is Alexander like me because he took his beard off."

Oh, pray that he allows me to take a picture. This is too fun not to share!


Matt Neimeyer said...

So where are the pics?

Beth said...

Coming soon! :)