Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Last week we invited a homeschool friend over for a sewing play date. The kids were excited to sew their own pillows, but the other mom and I both thought they'd last maybe ten minutes and be bored to tears. To our surprise, our 9, 7, and 6 year old children sat quietly concentrating long enough to complete their entire pillows themselves! I also made one for Kai. They were all incredibly pleased with themselves and their pillows, and I was definitely impressed with their focus!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Alexander is NINE

I feel like I was just writing a post for Alexander's 8th birthday, lamenting that I only had 10 years left raising him. Well, now I am down to nine. We are HALFWAY TO EIGHTEEN. It's very, very strange to think of it that way!

This year Alexander chose to forgo a party in order to receive a more expensive gift: a 3DSXL, a portable game system. It was something he has been wanting for a while, and he loves it, so I think he made a good choice.

I gave all the kids off from school and Alexander spent most of the day playing with his new toy. He asked for KFC for his birthday dinner, spent an hour in the "Y Zone" at the YMCA while Jack had gymnastics, and we met his best friend and Justin at Dairy Queen. The kid didn't even want a birthday cake; he wanted a banana split! It worked out well.

Alexander is now in his second year of homeschooling and is in third grade. His favorite subjects in school are science and cursive. He loves Club Penguin, "Pick Your Path" books, comic books, Beyblades, and the color pink. He wants to be a scientist or inventor when he grows up. He likes writing his own books, eating snow, riding his bike, and is playing on his soccer team at the YMCA. He's affectionate, curious, creative, smart, and funny. He's mature enough to watch Noah for me while I take a shower, and loves running into the library for me to pick up and return books so I don't have to get everyone out of the car. Happy Birthday, Alexander!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hershey Park Candylane

This year for Christmas, Justin's parents gave us some money, which we decided to spend on a fun experience instead of another toy or thing, which we clearly don't need. We decided to try out Hershey Park's winter event, Candyland. We got there just after the park opened at noon and met Aunt Eileen there. After an immediate rush to the bathroom, our first stop was the official measurement station. Alexander was a Twizzler; Jack was a Hershey bar; Kai was a Hershey Kiss and Noah was a Hershey's Miniature. There number of rides that were opened was limited, and it was quite a bit more crowded than I expected. We spent an inordinate amount of time deciding where to go, using the bathroom, eating food, and putting on and taking off hats, gloves, and extra coats. However, we did manage to get the kids on a fair number of rides. Noah learned to say "riiiii" for ride, and was thrilled with everything we put him on. They started asking to go home around 6:00, but they said they had a really fun time. Over all, I think it was a good use of our Christmas gift from Justin's parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad! The kids had a great day!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

I have no complaints about our 2013 Christmas! It was another good one! Noah woke up first, but was fairly easily contained in the playroom until his brothers (and mom) woke up. The kids happily tore through their presents. Alexander's favorite was his Nerf style bow and arrow. Jack's favorite was his new Beyblade dome. Kai's favorite gift was an Angry Bird activity pack of stickers, coloring pages, tattoos, and more. I would have to  guess that Noah's favorite gift was his little tricycle. he scoots around the house on it every day. We had present frenzy number two a few hours later when PopPop arrived. We were also happy to have some good friends visit in the afternoon. We are taking a nice long winter break from schooling, so the kids have had plenty of time to enjoy their new gifts and, of course, far too much screen time. We'll be back to the grind in a day or two. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve tradition is that the kids receive one present from Mom and Dad before going to bed. This year I chose to get the three big kids hooded blankets, since they are always wandering around wrapped in blankets. Alexander and Kai loved theirs immediately. Jack was initially upset, as he did not recognize the character on his hooded blanket, which is from the game Cut the Rope (a fact I wasn't even aware of). Once Justin showed him the game on the iPad mini, Jack turned his upset around and was just as happy with his present as his brothers were. Noah, being too little for a hooded blanket, received an adorable owl hat, which he enjoyed putting on and taking off.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Snow of the Season

Not even officially winter yet, and we've had three snowfalls! The kids all enjoyed getting in some snow time the other day, even Noah, my little marshmallow.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Visit

This year we traveled again down to Maryland to see Santa. You may notice a lack of continuity from our previous years visiting Santa, which I am ridiculously disappointed about. However, the boys and I had a fun visit with our cousins and a nice stay at Aunt Eileen's house. They enjoyed seeing Santa (and were unaware of any difference), although Kai was a bit nervous at first and asked me to talk to Santa for him. There were tons of crafts, old toys, games in the garden, and even a magic show. We even beat the snow by coming home early.