Tuesday, May 6, 2008

He needs to work on his flattery

Today Alexander was sitting in a big empty box, pretending it was a train. One of his teddies apparently wanted to sit with him, so Alexander sat him off to the side, saying, "You sit there on the small seat. This is my big seat because I have a big butt... just like Mommy."


Kara said...

nice....that will not win you any cookies there Xander. :)

Anonymous said...

::dies:: Um...thanks, kid! You know they don't mean it that way, and yet, you still want to argue with them :D

The winner here is still when Yael discovered the concept of measuring tapes and was walking around holding it up to things and saying "big" or "small."

She got to Avi and held it up to the highest place she could reach on him. ::coughs:: At which point he looked down and said, "That's just disturbing."

PopPop said...

And to think I used to call you "Snake hips" when you were his age!!!

Anonymous said...

Bwah ha ha ha.

Aren't kids the best??


Liz said...

Uh...whoops! Good thing it's documented now. ;)

Crystal said...

Teehee! Gotta love them!