Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Third Birthday, Jack!

Jack at birth:

Jack at age one:

Jack at age two:

Jack now! We actually celebrated his birthday last weekend with a Mario Party, complete with costumes (Don't be confused; they switched costumes halfway through the day)! By the way, I just love the expressions on Collin and Mackenzie's faces, while eating cake, in the last picture of this group. Way to enjoy it, kids!
It seems that no birthday around here is complete without a trip to Chuck E Cheese, so while the big kids were at school, we met up with some of Jack's good friends. I think he enjoyed the solo spotlight for once. Shhhhh, don't tell Alexander! ;) Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!

Jack sure has changed a lot in the past year! I think this year will be a big one for him, too.

Happy Birthday, my Cuteness.

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Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Love the costumes!