Sunday, December 26, 2010


Uncle Matt and Uncle Harry got our family some really cool gifts this year, as usual. We received several books with ideas, projects, and experiments for things to do, build, explore, etc. They also got us an ice cube tray that will make brain-shaped ice, which is right up our alley. The last present that we opened from them was something that I think only some uncles would get for their nephews! This is something that might just scare a parent off, but it was, as the package promised, mess-free and totally fun.

H2Goo! Turn your bath into blue goo! Jack wasn't overly thrilled with the experience as I suppose the texture is a little odd, but Alexander was totally into it.

Kai looked on with amusement,

decided to climb into HIS tub,

and was launched into flight.

Fun night! Thanks, bros!

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