Sunday, January 30, 2011

Xan Can Cook

Alexander has always loved to "help" around the house, and lately he's reached the point where he can *actually* be helpful. He's also about to turn SIX, so I am trying to let him take on more age-appropriate tasks. The other day, I let him make macaroni and cheese almost all by himself. I still turned on the stove and drained the noodles. Still, he was quite proud of his accomplishment and all three boys and I enjoyed the lunch that he had made for us. (Yes, he was making lunch and all three boys were still in their pajamas. It was a snow day!)
I told Alexander that by the time he is ten, I want to be able to tell him, "Alexander, it's your turn to make dinner," and have him be able to just go in the kitchen and do it! He is eager to learn "all about being a grown-up," he says.


Tammy said...

How fun! Kyle always likes to add the cheese, but that's as far as we've gotten. Maybe one day I'll be brave and let him make the meal himself - he'd love it! And my boys always stay in their pajamas all day on snow days and any other day we don't have plans! :)

Anonymous said...

Whew! Getting all caught up on blogs, but I am so glad I saw this post. I am so proud!!! WTG Xander!