Monday, October 10, 2011

Firehouse Tour

Last week Jack, Kai, and I went on a tour of our local Fire Station with our MOMS Club. We got to see where the firefighters hang out, where they sleep, and where they eat. We got to see all their trucks including the ambulance, the ladder truck, the "canteen" truck which brings the firefighters food when they're out for several hours on a call, and several others. The kids got to climb in the ladder truck. We also got to see a firefighter put on all his gear, and then two firefighters raced to see who could get their gear on faster.

We also did this tour last year and Jack was very sullen, still getting used to doing much of anything without his big brother Alexander. This year he was more cheerful. Kai wanted to be put down and run all over the place which, obviously, was not such a good idea. But, we had a great time. The firefighters at this station all seem extremely friendly and helpful and are great with the kids!

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