Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hershey Park Candylane

This year for Christmas, Justin's parents gave us some money, which we decided to spend on a fun experience instead of another toy or thing, which we clearly don't need. We decided to try out Hershey Park's winter event, Candyland. We got there just after the park opened at noon and met Aunt Eileen there. After an immediate rush to the bathroom, our first stop was the official measurement station. Alexander was a Twizzler; Jack was a Hershey bar; Kai was a Hershey Kiss and Noah was a Hershey's Miniature. There number of rides that were opened was limited, and it was quite a bit more crowded than I expected. We spent an inordinate amount of time deciding where to go, using the bathroom, eating food, and putting on and taking off hats, gloves, and extra coats. However, we did manage to get the kids on a fair number of rides. Noah learned to say "riiiii" for ride, and was thrilled with everything we put him on. They started asking to go home around 6:00, but they said they had a really fun time. Over all, I think it was a good use of our Christmas gift from Justin's parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad! The kids had a great day!

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