Friday, September 19, 2014

Jack is Seven!

It's slightly unbelievable that I have not only one truly big kid, but now two. Jack has just turned seven. He is in first grade and definitely not a little kid.

Jack decided to forgo a party this year in favor of a special gift, a 3DS. I let him have the day off from school, and I'll be honest. He played it almost all day. He also requested KFC for his birthday dinner, and he helped make his own birthday cake: a puppy made with strawberry cake and vanilla icing.

Jack enjoys swimming, being fast, Legos, riding his bike, playing on playgrounds, and video games. His favorite food is (gag) bagels with peanut butter and cinnamon cream cheese. He is a great brother, especially to Noah, whom he really looks out for and takes care of. His current favorite color is pink. When he grows up, he wants to help Alexander do whatever he's decided to do (which changes daily).


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