Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gas and Steam Engine Show

Like our friends and fellow bloggers Liz and Abbey, we checked out the Gas and Steam Engine Show at the Agricultural History Farm Park in Derwood on Sunday. Alexander immediately spotted this awesome pink (pink ribbon, no less) tractor that was his favorite. We met up with PopPop, rode the barrels and the kiddy tractors, watched the ginormous sawmill being operated, and tasted the fare. Although Alexander did not show the typical signs of having fun, such as restraining from whining or even smiling much, he insisted he was having fun and that we should stay longer. Thus, we were also lucky enough to run into Liz, Chris, and Jasper, which is fitting since Liz was kind enough to give us the heads up about this show. Thanks, Liz! We stayed for more than three hours, so it must have been fun! Oh, and us being out of the house gave Justin the chance to get a few chores done (since we're all so cute and distracting). Bonus!

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