Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

What are you doing for our home planet?

Trust me, I do not ask this from a position of superiority. Please, inspire and embarrass me with how good you are to our Earth. I recycle... but that's about all I can say for myself. BOOO! My Earth day pledge, in the spirit that every little bit helps, is to stop getting grocery bags. I need to buy or find some reusable ones.

The good news is, it was a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate Earth Day, and we spent much of it outside, having met some friends and at park and then doing yardwork and blowing bubbles in the yard and surrounding "mountains" (they're really just hills, but I guess to a three year old they look pretty big) after dinner.

Which brings me to this conversation between Alexander and me:
Me: Alexander, stay away from Daddy. He can't hear you when he has the trimmer on. (Justin was trimming the bushes with an electric trimmer.)
Alexander: And then he might not see me and he might weedwack me?
Me: Yep.
Alexander: And then I would be broken?
Me: Yep.
Alexander: And then you would have to make me again?

Tee hee.

Happy Earth Day!


Liz said...

Great conversation. Those are the things that keep us working!

As for helping the earth, there's a lot more we could be doing too, but I try to do as much as possible--one of my current things is trying to use reusable cups when I get a coffee or bring one of my own water bottles (BPA-free, of course--ugh). We do compost, recycle, eat organic when possible...

I try to use natural cleaners too, although sometimes they just don't do enough. The swiffer covers that I made work better than the store-bought ones, so that makes it easy!

And I think I am going to stop taking my car to the car wash...even though they supposedly recycle their water, who knows wha they really do, and what kind of chemicals they are pouring all over the place...Jasper and I washed the car ourselves today and he loved it!

Anonymous said...

::sigh:: We're terrible. The big thing is replacing many of our lightbulbs with compact fluorescents.

We also use very few cleaners in the house except Simple Green, but I've been getting *so* bad about that lately. Ack!

I'm also trying to unplug things like clocks in unused rooms and the microwave, to keep them from sucking unneeded power.