Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brennan!

Today we had the pleasure of celebrating Brennan's birthday with him at the lovely Black Hill Regional Park. Brennan is FOUR! Happy Birthday, Brennan! You are such a big, mature, and handsome boy!

We were joined by the lovely Miss Ava and her Mommy. Ava and Alexander really have the best time together. Alexander has a lot of fun with other kids, and will even tell you that Kyle is actually his best friend, but there is something about Alexander and Ava together that's just joyful. Maybe it's their giggle-fests. Maybe it's the way that almost every time they see each other, they give each other hugs so big that they both fall over. Maybe it's because they're both the biggest 3 year old spazzes I've ever met! Hee hee! They weren't much into having their pictures taken today, but don't be fooled by the serious faces. These kids are CRAZY!

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Liz said...

OMG. Ava's shirt is too much! Looks like we missed a great shindig at the park...