Thursday, June 5, 2008


We've been getting a lot of comments lately about how blond Jack's hair is. It really is quite blond! Here's a picture of Alexander, 5 months old, with blond hair as well! My boys are like little chameleons, both born with blue eyes and black hair, and if Alexander is the example, then they will both end up brown hair and eyes, first progressing through blond hair and hazel eyes!

Below I've put Alexander and Jack next to each other, making similar facial expressions to see how much they look alike. Is there anyone that can't tell who is who? ;) They're pretty different!


Liz said...

Pretty different, and pretty adorable! (Bottom one is Alexander, right? ;))

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the bottom one is Alexander :)

My sister was born a blonde and I was born with almost black hair. By the time we were teenagers, her hair was a shade darker than mine.

Beth said...

Yes, the bottom one is Alexander. :)