Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ye Olde Yahoo Playgroup

Yesterday Alexander was reunited with some friends from our first playgroup (and I was reunited with their Mommies!). He had not seen Jaeda in almost 2 years, and he had not seen George in about 6 months. The three of them had not been all together since this photo was taken, in July of 2006.
George, Jaeda, and Alexander:

It was truly amazing how well the three of them fell into step and played together like they had never stopped.

Oh, and kudos to us for creating the second set of friends within nine months of each other (and all same sex siblings, and in the same age order)!
Frank, Jack, and Maia:
Welcome back to the States, Deborah, Jaeda, and Maia! We are so thrilled to have you closer again!

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XEW Music said...

i think i remember jaeda...she came to a couple of playgroups before they moved away...think i met them at joshua's