Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A good deed, indeed

Alexander's "project" for the day was to do a good deed, so first I had to explain what a good deed is. I told him that it was something nice that we do for someone else or for the Earth.

A: Oh, I want to do a good deed for the Earth.
Me: Okay, we could take a walk and look for any trash to pick up. Or, we could rake the leaves and put them in the compost bin.
A: Hmmm.... no. I know what we could do nice for the Earth!
Me: What?
A: We could take all the other earths [by which he means planets] and bring them all right next to the Earth so that when the sun goes down and it is nighttime the Earth won't be lonely.
Me: Oh, that would be nice, but the planets are so big I don't think we could move them!
A: We can drive a spaceship that has giant claws that grab the earths to move them.


Justin said...

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me!

Liz said...

Hee hee. On the way to school this morning Jasper and I had a conversation (prompted by the moon being visible this morning) about the planets and the fact that they move and how the moon looks like it's following us (how can it follow everyone Mommy?)...oh boy, now we are really getting into the tough stuff!

Beth said...

I know! I am going to have to start reading up on these things! I told Xander that the moon (and sun) looks like it is following us because it's so far away and he repeats that all the time now. That's about as complex as I get!

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful little boy!

The questions are indeed getting harder. Today Cate asked me how we talk and Sam asked me why our hair stays in our heads. My lord.