Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sometimes I wonder...

It's going to be an interesting ride watching my oldest son grow up! ;)

I'd like to recount a long conversation from today, if for no other reason that because I want to remember it.

Alexander: I want a sister.
Me: Well, maybe someday we'll have another baby, but what if it's a boy?
A: Then we can have another one and it will be a girl.
Me: Well, I don't know if we want to have that many kids.
A: Well, I do want to have that many kids.
Me: When you are a grownup, you can decide how many kids you want to have.
A: I want to have 43.
Me: 43 kids?! That is a LOT!
A: Yes, I will need a really big belly to grow all those babies in.
Me: Oh, honey, you won't grow the babies in your belly. Mommies do that. You will be the Daddy of the babies.
A: Well, I want to be the Mommy.
Me: Well, only girls have the part in their bellies where the babies grow. But you will be a very good Daddy!
A: Well, then you should give me the part of your belly where the babies can grow.
Me: Hmmm... that won't really work.
A: Yes, I will go to the Belly Knife Store and get a belly knife and then I will cut out the part of your belly where the babies grow and I will put it in me so that I can grow 27 babies.
Me: Oh, it's 27 babies now, huh?
A: Yes. I want 27 babies.

Oh, and by the way, in addition to being a Mommy, Alexander is also claiming that *he* will be the next president of the United States.


Kathryn said...

LOL, I love it! I wonder what runs through the their minds sometimes. My Alex will come up with such bizarre stories about dragons driving tractors and eating oatmeal with our next door neighbor Luke, and such. It is so refreshing though, to hear thoughts from a mind with no preconceptions about anything, totally unjaded.

Crystal said...

We just had the mommy is the one who has the baby talk in this house also! He is too cute! Guess you are gonna have LOTS of grandbabies! Heehee.

I told Christopher he could run for president this morning once he was as old as daddy. LOL

But if Xander runs, tell him he has my vote :)

Liz said...

Excellent conversation. And Jasper wants to be president too, so I guess we'll be campaigning against each other. I told him he has to be 35 years old to be president, and he said, "Oh, like driving a car or riding your bike in the street?"