Thursday, February 12, 2009

The many faces of Xander

Here is sweet, happy Xander enjoying an ice cream cone at The Painted Cone on his birthday. This makes Mommy smile.

Creative (and strange) Xander story:
When your pretend space ship's battery runs low, and the pretend store doesn't sell batteries, one can (in The World According to Xander) create a new battery using hammers, tape, and lots of weasels. Simply pound the tape and weasels together using the hammers. This makes Mommy wonder.

Thoughtful Xander story:
Today we dropped off a lasagna to a friend who has just had a baby. As we were leaving, Alexander said, "Mommy, we should also make a lasagna for Jasper because his mommy is having a baby, too." This makes Mommy proud.

And then there's Naughty Xander. Yesterday I came downstairs from putting Jack down for his nap and found Xander under the kitchen table with a bowlful of sprinkles. He looked guiltily up and asked in his most polite voice, "Mommy, please may I eat these?" This forces Mommy to leave the room to laugh where he can't see her.

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Liz said...

Weasels, hunh? Interesting...and a BOWL full of sprinkles? In my opinion, if the child put the SPRINKLES INTO A BOWL and then ASKED POLITELY if he could eat them, I'm not very impressed with the naughty in that! And what a sweetie! Is he going to make us a lasagna? ;)