Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grown-ups are lame

The other night I overheard this conversation between Alexander's toys (voiced by Alexander, of course).

Toy A: You guys are the best! You're so cool!

Toy B (from group spoken to by Toy A): Thanks! It's because we haven't grown up yet.

Does this mean I'm not cool anymore? Wait... was I ever?


PopPop said...

You were so cool that a little light came on whenever you opened your mouth. You were so cool that we wouldn't take ice along when we went on picnics...we'd just have you hold the food till we were ready to eat. You were so cool that we had to put sweaters on when we hugged you or we'd get frostbite. I noticed Justin had "freezer burn" on his arms and chest, so you must still be Cool!!!

Matt Neimeyer said...

If it makes you feel any better you were cooler than me...

Not sure that really helps though does it?

Beth said...

Great. My dad and brother think I was/am cool. That makes me feel a lot better! ;) Thanks, guys! I'm happy with my dork-hood now! :)