Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost Two!

On Wednesday we celebrated Jack's coming birthday at one of his favorite places, Chuck E. Cheese. We were joined by friends Alex, Collin, Mackensie, and their Mommy Kathryn. Thanks, guys! Jack loves Chuck E. Cheese and recognizes the building. If you dare to drive past it and not take him in he will NOT be amused. He knows to stick out his left arm for a stamp upon entering; he knows how to use the tokens and he loves Chuck E. Cheese pizza. For his birthday, he finally reached a new milestone of being able to climb up the platforms into the tunnels. He's been trying for a while now and was just tall enough this time to make it up. He was thrilled to be running around up there. He also had cake, played most of the games, made several important phone calls to Chuck, and got some candy with his prize tickets. By the end of our time there, he was laying on the floor exhausted, and he fell asleep on the car ride home. I guess the boy knows how to party!

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Kathryn said...

Thank you so much for inviting us! We had such a great time. It was great to see the boys all playing so well together, the first thing I saw were both Alexanders climbing through the big tubes together, and then their like 10 games of air hockey! LOL Thank you again, it was a lot of fun. :-)