Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Alexander!

This past Friday, Alexander turned 6. AMAZING! Justin took the day off from work to help me with party prep and so that we could do some special things. I was able to visit Alexander at school for lunch where, as a special birthday treat, he was a "buyer." He was so excited to be buying lunch that day that when I dropped him off I heard him say to the first teacher he saw, "I am going to be a buyer today!" You'd think he'd want to announce that it was his birthday, but apparently buying lunch is even more exciting than turning 6.
After school he came home to open presents. He had been wanting a tie, so he was pleased to receive two to choose from! He chose to wear both at the same time! What a trend setter. He also got a couple of video games.
Next, we were off to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and playtime. It was a blast as usual.

I just can't believe what an interesting little person Alexander continues to develop into.

Today we visited the doctor for his 6 year well visit and he was pronounced perfectly healthy. He now weighs 53 pounds (84th percentile), is 48.75 inches tall (95th percentile) and his BMI remains around the 60th percentile, so he is growing exactly along his growth curve.

Happy Birthday, Alexander! You're doing great!

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