Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring According to Xander

In order to escape our House of Sick today (Jack has the Pukey Plague), Justin and Alexander went for a nice long walk. Before they left, I asked Alexander if he would check for any signs that Spring is on it's way. I am so ready for Spring. He decided that he should probably take along a clip-board, paper, and markers so that he could "make observations."

Here are his observations (spelling is corrected although he is improving on that front):
-I see that a lot of snow is melting.
-Birds and animals are coming out.
-The cars are drying.
-The chair is in someone's backyard.
-More green grass is growing.
-The sun is getting more hot.
-People are playing outside more.
-Houses are not getting snowy.
-People are taking walks.
-The water is flowing.
-People are bringing bikes places.
-People are bringing dogs with them when they go on walks.
-Ducks are coming.
-People are looking at the lake.
-Fish are out.
-People are roller skating.
-The sprinklers in the lake are spraying faster.
-People are fishing.
-The sun is shining on windows.
-Plants are growing in the rocks.
-There are puddles.
-The ice cream store is open.

I was really impressed with his observations, with his eagerness to make them, with his handwriting and spelling, and just the fact that an active little boy chose to write that many sentences purely of his own volition! It just goes to show what a difference it makes when a child is engaged in their learning.

He made one more important observation as they neared the ice cream store. "I get a little more love in my heart every time I see the ice cream store because I love ice cream!" And yes, Justin was easily convinced to split a hot fudge sundae with him!

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