Thursday, April 21, 2011

Someone Needs More Culture...

Upon seeing the Olympic rings symbol...
Alexander: Hey, look! This is the Mario and Sonic Olympic picture!
Me: No, that is the symbol for the actual Olympics. Do you know what the Olympics are?
Alexander: No.
Me: It is when athletes from a bunch of different countries get together to participate in different competitions. It is a way that countries are friends with each other. Like in the Summer Olympics, they have volleyball competitions and running races and in the Winter Olympics they have skiing and ice skating.
Alexander: The Winter Olympics? Is that like that show we saw when there was that grown-up named Charlie Brown and he kept falling off stuff?
Me: Ummm.... No. You're thinking of Winter Wipe-Out. **hangs head in shame that child thinks Olympic Rings are about a video game, and that the Olympics are actually a ridiculous game show**

(This one probably loses something in the telling, but I have to record it for ME! Alexander watched one episode of Winter Wipe-Out, which stuck in his mind because the hosts were joking that a contestant's name was Charlie Brown.)

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