Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kai's Fifteen Month Well Visit

Kai recently was seen for his 15-month well visit. He's a smart, healthy, developmentally perfect little boy by all accounts. He is now about 33 inches tall (95th percentile) and 24 pounds, 4 ounces (48th percentile). When he was seen for his one-year well visit it was noted that he had gained very little weight between six months and one-year, and had dropped from the 99th percentile for weight down to the 48th percentile. We weren't particularly worried, and needn't have been. He remains now in the 48th percentile, so he seems to have found his groove there. Kai now speaks about 20 recognizable words (including some animal sounds, "up," "mine," and "trash") and signs about 5 (including "bath," "more," and "all done.) He's a little entertainer and a shameless flirt.

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