Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Vacation Weeks 3 through 6

We've been busy! Fun busy!

We've gone to the beach (#1), to the National Museum of Natural History (#11), painted faces (#18), had a dance party (#20), started work on homemade pinatas (#34), played in the sprinkler (#37), and had a water gun fight (#41).

Alexander also finished up his swim lessons, doing very well but with not quite enough confidence to pass. I think, however, that he has already made improvements since finishing and may still be ready for Level Three next summer. We'll see how the rest of this summer goes.

Jack also took a week of preschool level swimming lessons and did very well. He passed, but because he won't meet the age requirement for Level One by next summer, he will repeat the preschool level again next year.

We're looking forward to this coming week when Justin will be home for some staycation fun!

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