Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alexander!

Better late than never...

Last month Alexander turned SEVEN! He had a Mad Scientist themed birthday party and was joined by friends, neighbors, and family. Each Mad Scientist was outfitted with safety glasses and a lab coat.

The kids did an ice cream making experiment, each making their own small batch of ice cream to eat by putting a small Ziplock bag filled with the ice cream ingredients inside a larger Ziplock bag filled with ice and salt (which makes the ice cream freeze faster). They wrapped their bags in newspaper so as not to freeze their hands, too, and shook their bags while dancing until the ice cream was (mostly) frozen and ready to eat.

Next, they put on their "thinking caps" and played a little game involving transferring water from one cup to another using straws.

There was, of course, cake. Alexander had an excellent time and we hope that all the other little Mad Scientists did as well!

Alexander is a pretty awesome seven-year-old. His four front "big boy" teeth have grown in, which makes him look very mature. As evidenced by his party theme, he is interested in science and enjoys reading almost any non-fiction books. He loves having outside adventures with Jack and their neighborhood friends. His favorite food is chicken noodle soup and he can prepare the from-the-can condensed type independently, and will eat an entire can by himself and still have room for something else. He loves to help Mommy and Daddy, is mostly a good big brother, and looks forward to meeting his third little brother!

Happy Birthday to my biggest boy! I love you!

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