Friday, March 30, 2012

Kai's Fake Birthday!

With the Baby due right around Kai's second birthday, we decided to celebrate Kai's birthday a few weeks early. It felt a little strange to be celebrating him turning two when I want to cherish every last minute of him being one, but it was a terrific party nonetheless.

He loves balls, so we went with an "All-Star" Sports theme for his party. It was very simple with just a bunch of inflatable balls as decoration and a not-too-large group of friends and family to celebrate with. The kids each painted the first letter of their name, and I was impressed at how even the little ones really concentrated on this task! They seemed to enjoy it. Kai had fun playing with his little playgroup friends, while Alexander and Jack played with the older siblings and had fun getting to know their big cousin Joey. Kai received some great gifts which all the kids love, and we appreciate everyone that came out on the rainy day to celebrate with us. Happy Fake Birthday, Kai!

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