Friday, September 20, 2013

Big Boy Camping

This post is very past due, but I wanted to document the experience anyway. Back in July, I took just Alexander and Jack camping. It was FABULOUS. It was so wonderful to have the freedom of only two kids, both of whom are big enough to do many things for themselves, or at least be trusted to stay in one place if I ask them to. We were able to really enjoy each other's company.

The campground that we went to had a pool, a trampoline, a playground, and a creek. We arrived early Saturday morning and spent a few hours at the pool. Then we set up the tent and explored the creek and other neat stuff. They were happy just playing in the dirt and wading in the creek. There were only a few tent sites, along with many RV sites, so it was sort of like camping in a neighborhood of RVs, which was very nice because we seemed to be surrounded by mostly older couples. No rowdy groups of partiers!

The kids were very excited to have our campfire, so well before the sun started going down, we got to work. The kids helped unravel some twine that my dad had given us to use as fire starter, and we put in some toilet paper rolls stuffed with dryer lint. The campground provided a small batch of firewood and we started our fire easily. I have to admit that I was proud, especially when our neighbor came over to ask for lighter fluid because he couldn't get their fire started. I had some extra fire starting supplies to share. The kids got to roast hot dogs and we heated some baked beans right in the can. After dinner we played on the playground and trampoline for a while, and then we came back to the campsite to roast marshmallows and heated some fruit with mini chocolate chips near the fire. We told scary stories, of course, and then the kids went to sleep pretty quickly.

It started raining sometime in the night and rained hard. The kids slept right through, but I lay awake listening for thunder in case I should need to wake the boys and escape to the van. Luckily, it was just rain and it lightened up very well in the morning. The kids played in the van while I packed up the site. It was a short trip, but exactly what I needed with my big boys! I can't wait for more adventures!

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