Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Jack is six!

For Jack's birthday, I gave all the kids the day off from school. It was the start of a week and a half vacation, during which we also visited the beach. I made Jack a number six pancake, but once he received his birthday presents (which Alexander insisted that I give to him immediately), he was too excited to eat it. This year we gave him a Kirby video game and a green puffle (stuffed animal). He was thrilled. After he played with his new things for a while, we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch and fun. For dinner he requested KFC. He had a really fun birthday, and we continued to celebrate at the beach.
Jack is an amazing six-year-old. He is beginning to read and is zooming through his math lessons. He has lost his two bottom teeth. He likes Legos, Club Penguin, and playing outside. He is doing great at his swimming lessons and now goes under water for fun, like a pro. He rides his bike with just one training wheel, working his way up to being completely free of them. He just started karate lessons, which is the first class that he is taking with big brother Alexander. His favorite color is green and he loves eating peanut butter and cream cheese bagels. I can always count on Jack for a hug. He's always been my sweet little blondie. Love you, Jack!

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