Friday, August 29, 2008

Jack's early birthday party and Alexander's commune idea

Today we celebrated Jack's first birthday party with friends at Chuck E Cheese. It was meant to be held at Black Hill Regional Park, but was rained out again. There is irony here. Since most of our guests were coming from further South, we met at the Chuck E Cheese near our old house: the very one we went to yesterday where I was recognized by the greeter as a frequent visitor, at which I put up slight protest in the below blog.

Jack actually quite enjoys Chuck E Cheese these days and attempts to play the games with Alexander and climb on the rides and under the tables. Today he begged for and received his first taste of pizza (besides just a crust to gnaw on) and ate more than a whole piece, albeit in two sittings. He also enjoyed about a half a cupcake, and I will not admit how many cupcakes I allowed Alexander to have today nor how many I myself ate. Jack became quite sleepy during his party, and had no idea that there were "festivities," let alone that they were in his honor, but I do believe he enjoyed himself nonetheless. Alexander helped him open his presents when we got home. Thanks to everyone who made it!

Alexander certainly enjoyed himself and spent literally forty minutes during the drive home describing how he wanted all of his friends to come live with us because we have "plenty of room," and that he would share all his toys and "be nice all day long." He described in detail who would sleep where (Kyle would share his bed, Woody and Cooper would sleep with me, Brennan and Clayton would sleep with Jack, etc.). He wanted them all to come live with us because he "loves them so much." He also thought it would be a good idea if Chuck E Cheese came to live with us. He would cook for us and he knows how to make things other than pizza! After a while Alexander described that instead of all his friends (and their mommies and daddies) living with us, they should all put their houses into "very, very, very big bags" and bring them here and attach them to our house so that they could live in our neighborhood but there would be more room for everyone. He did specify that Kyle should not bring his whole house because he still wanted to share a room with Kyle. This was quite a detailed plan. As we turned onto our block and I related that although it sounded fun to me, I wasn't sure that all of his friends' mommies and daddies would go for it, he became sad but said, "Can I have a big, big juice when we get home? Because that would make me happy."


Kara said...

So happy Jack had a good time.

I think Woody be overjoyed to live and share a house with any one of his friends. :) Cooper not so much.

Woody was also very happy to see his friends, thanks again for having us.

Anonymous said...

It was such a fun day! Thanks for having us.

Liz said...

Ooo! I like the commune idea. Especially from a parenting perspective.

Thanks again; we had a great time yesterday!

ZhaoKids said...

I think I really will send B and C to live you sometime......(when my hair are all out from pulling them too much) hahah......Thanks for including them in the plan Alexander, it's so sweet of him. I hope we can see you soon Beth!