Friday, August 1, 2008

Wee Adventures!

This week Alexander went to his first summer camp! Every morning from 9:30-11:30, he met with about 15 other kids at a recreation center for "Wee Adventures." I was very pleased with the program as they had one head counselor (a "real" adult), and four teenage counselors each day, so there was plenty of attention for each child. Alexander did really well with being left at a new place, so I was really proud of his confidance and independence. There were, unfortunately, a few "incidents" that landed him in time-out, but his counselor assured me that they were no big deal so I am trying not to worry about the social apptitude of my three year old. He really had a lot of fun, despite those few moments of bad judgement. Each day had a theme. They were "Jungle," "Bugs," "Pirates," "Space," and "Dinosaurs." They did an art project each day, had a snack, sang songs, played games, and even had a treasure hunt on pirate day. I'm pretty sure that was Alexander's favorite part! I've been browsing the fall schedule for the county activities and noticed that there is a one day "Pirates and Pizza" party that I may sign him up for, and I'm also considering putting him in tee-ball. Oh, the fun that's available for three year olds! :)
Since it was a drop-off camp, I did not get pictures of Alexander actually participating in any of the activities. So instead I have a picture of some of the art projects he made, and of his name tag from his cubby, that he put a sticker on each day.


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Sounds like a fun time! I wasn't brave enough to try a summer camp for Kyle yet . . . maybe next summer after he gets used to preschool.