Monday, July 27, 2009

And then I laughed til I cried

A conversation from today that had me in tears:

Alexander was playing a video game: "Lego Star Wars" (which, for the record, is completely innapropriate for a four-year-old and is going back in "the vault" for a couple years).

Alexander: Mommy, that guy with the hat is on my team. But he doesn't have a sword or a shooter.

Me: Well, maybe he doesn't like to fight.

Alexander: Yeah, and neither does this trash can (said while repeatedly beating R2D2 over the head with a sword).


PopPop said...

Where are the parents!! A four year old is certainly old enough to know who R2D2 is. As one of only two characters to appear in every episode of the Star Wars saga (THE epic tale of power and redemption of our time!), even young children should be able to recognize R2D2.
Ach, junge!!!

Anonymous said...

I blame society (and Beth hehe)

Beth said...

I must admit I've not seen the Star Wars movies. Justin was shocked and has vowed to make me watch them.

XEW Music said...

hahahahahaha...everyone liked this one..hahahaha

i will hook u up with more appropriate games when we get back this next week...i already have a dr seuss one ready ;)

and u havent seen the star wars movies??? even *i* have seen them and im not really into all that...although i prefer the ewoks...

PopPop said...

But Beth, tell me you've at least seen the "Famiy Guy" version!