Friday, July 3, 2009

My little animals

Yesterday the boys and I met up with some of our Tot Lot friends at Green Meadows Petting Farm to meet some animals. Jack enjoyed himself, squealing with excitement the minute he saw animals. He petted the donkeys, horses, zebra and llama, chased the turkeys and chickens, and fed the goats. He did get a little nervous on the hay ride, and by noon he was getting sleepy and was ready to leave, but overall he had a great time.

Alexander was scared of the donkeys, horses, zebra, llama, turkeys, and chickens. He actually started climbing the fence in the turkey pen when a few of the turkeys surrounded him, and Miss Crystal had to rescue him. He was not impressed with the show or the pig race. The picture below is of him staying as far away from the chickens as possible. He was unclear as to why we took a hayride that just took us back to where we had started. He did enjoy the face-cutouts and feeding the goats, but was basically a grump most of the time. Well, according to him, he was "Mr. Chompy, who chomps bad guys," but I think Mr. Grump would have been more accurate. The poor child just isn't an animal lover. Later in the day, we had a discussion about how meat is animals, and he declared that he was quite okay with that. Perhaps he felt it was revenge for scaring him...

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PopPop said...

Xander obviously needs a pet so he will become more relaxed around animals. I'll bring Madison Kitty to your house the next time I'm there. (heh heh heh ;>)