Monday, July 20, 2009


The boys and I returned today from their first camping trip! WAHOO! As far as camping with a one-year-old and a four-year-old go, I would call it a success. There were lots of family members there (4 generations/25 people). There was plenty of sun (and sunscreen!), lots of tubes floating down the river, roasted marshmallows, time spent throwing rocks in the water and practicing fishing, a big soccer game, a treasure hunt and several visits to the playground. There was a little rain, not much sleep, one brief moment of Mommy-terror, two skinned knees, and just a few tears. There were too few pictures taken, but here's a sampling:

Jack was super excited to be getting ready to go to sleep in the tent. Too excited to actually sleep.

It takes a lot of people and innovative tools to put up a tree swing, but it's worth it. I am pretty sure one of the tools is a section of a rain spout, but I have no idea where they would have gotten that. The other tool is an interesting piece of balsa wood lashed to a kayak oar. You gotta give them credit, really.

Alexander tried to join the boys vs. girls soccer game, but forgot that tackling is only for (American) football and soon got sidelined (the picture was taken before the action started). Enter tears.
Bubbles. Always a winner.

Alexander ate lunch with our cousins, some of his very favorite people. He also shared their play-doh, their fishing rods, and their Mommy's hand. I tried to get them to adopt him, but they were too smart for my tricks.

The campsite:
Maybe next year Justin will go with us. Anyone wanna place a bet? I know where my money is. I love you, Dear!!!


Tammy said...

You're a brave woman! The boys look like they had a good time!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha... *breathe* hahahaha...

Kathryn said...

OMG, you are a very brave woman!! Though at least you had a lot of family around to help out, but man, alone with 2 kids in a tent who won't sleep? I think I would go batty. But it seems like the kiddos had a great time! :-)

liz said...

Wow. Looks like so much fun! Almost makes me want to try it. Almost.