Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today Jack spontaneously said, "Help me," and "Thank you, Mama." This would not be a big deal for most two-year-olds, but for Jack this is a big milestone! One of the reasons why he qualified for speech therapy was because he had never put two words together until very recently. In the past week or so, he has finally said, "Juice, please," and "Bye-bye, Dada." Those were awesome, but they were phrases that I had been specifically working on with him. Every time he would say "juice," I would say, "Juice please?" and I specifically modeled "Bye-bye, Dada," repeatedly to him. "Help me," and "Thank you, Mama," are especially awesome because they are not phrases that I have specifically been working on with him. I think the combination of the methods we've been learning in speech therapy and just the fact that he seems to finally be ready to speak are the reasons for his "speech spurt," but I am just really glad that he's starting to finally speak more. Yay, Jack!

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