Sunday, November 1, 2009

Obligatory Halloween Post

We had a VERY happy Halloween!

We started the festivities last week with our MOMs Club Halloween party. Alexander wore his Batman suit... for about five minutes. Jack simply wore a skeleton shirt. They made crafts, practiced trick-or-treating, and played Halloween themed games.

Next came Alexander's preschool Halloween party. He wore his Superman costume tee-shirt. He really had a wonderful day and his teachers even sent home a note about how well he had done that day. I was bursting with pride!

And then came the real, true Halloween. Even though we had bought Alexander a new Batman costume, he decided that he would rather wear his dragon suit from two years ago. We decided not to fight him. Jack wore Alexander's old lion costume minus the legs... which seemed to have walked off on their own. While I wasn't super pleased with the quantity or quality of pictures I took while trick-or-treating, or of them in costume this year, I WAS super pleased with our night. Alexander can be quite the charmer when he wants to. He had many of our neighbors laughing at his antics as he sang and skipped and shouted, "yahoo," and "yay," all throughout the neighborhood. I've very rarely seen him that excited. Here's two conversations from our night:

Alexander: Mommy, I am dressed as a dragon, but everyone still knows it's me.
Me: They do? Did someone call you Alexander?
Alexander: No, they all called me Sweetie.

Neighbor: Oooooh, are you a dragon?
Alexander: Oh, no. Don't worry. I am just dressed like one.

Jack quite enjoyed himself as well, although he had a bit of trouble with all the steps and with holding his bag open! He never did manage a "trick-or-treat," but he did get the hang of "thank you," or in Jack-ese, "Dit-doo." He was really excited to be collecting candy! He did get called a girl several times, which is strange because I was just saying to a friend that while Alexander often got mistaken for a girl as a baby, Jack never did that I can remember. I guess it was his turn. He is rather pretty. ;)

As is our tradition, we came home and put on "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" while we ate candy and answered the door. It was a good night, one to remember! =)

We've still got one more Halloween celebration to go- tomorrow we'll party with the Tot Lot!

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