Saturday, November 14, 2009

Field trip to Fountain Rock Park

I was excited to chaperon Alexander on his second field trip of the year on Monday, and once he realized that we were not going to a field, he was excited, too.

We went to nearby Fountain Rock Park, for a demonstration to coincide with the unit the kids had just finished on Native Americans. The presenter showed them a video about a family of Native Americans going on a turkey hunt, "took them back in time" to when Native Americans lived here, and talked about how life had been different for them. The kids got to try on various Native American garb, and Alexander modeled the boys' clothing. They also learned how the Native Americans used clay on their skin as a bug repellent and sunscreen and got to try some out. They each made a bead necklace, got to grind corn, play Native American instruments, and use a Native American drill. As a special treat, they also got to meet the Nature Center's 6-foot snake, and every one of the kids was brave enough to touch it. Alexander also examined the beehive. Last, we all went on our own turkey hunt. Fortunately, we didn't find any turkeys, but did locate the playground. I love getting the opportunity to do special things like this with Alexander!

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