Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brotherly Love

One of my dreams for my boys is that they grow up to not only love each other, but to like each other, also. I'm pretty sure I'd be bawling my eyes out if listening to Jack give a best man's speech at Alexander's wedding, and I'd certainly get misty eyed to see Kai tossing his niece or nephew in the air, maybe babysitting for one of his older brother's kids. I can just imagine three tall men hanging out around the grill at a weekend BBQ that they decided to have just because they like hanging out together. I guess I'd settle for them just *getting along,* but I'd really, really love for them to truly be friends.
So I am not-so-secretly thrilled that Alexander and Jack now insist on sleeping in the same room together. It's a good thing since they'll have to share a room in about a year when we move Kai out of the master bedroom.

I'm also absolutely loving the fact that Jack accepted Kai into the family more easily than I expected and even loves to hold him now! Kai looks like some sort of Giant Baby sitting on Jack's lap, but I am IN LOVE with the close-up of the two of them. What handsome boys I have!


Distant Daddy said...

Were they pretending to sleep or is Jack now insisting on wearing his daytime clothes to bed too? ;)

Beth said...

they were actually asleep in the picture. Jack was being "White Luke" and didn't want to take off his white shirt.

PopPop said...

I'll bet they will stay in their own beds a lot better, too, now that they are both in same room, and not go wandering to Mommy or Daddy in the middle of the night.