Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random Stuff

Updates for all!

Kai (6 months) can now put himself into a sitting position from laying on either his back or belly. So I can put him down anywhere in a sitting position, he will look around and decide what he wants, flop onto his belly and scoot to it, grab it, and then sit back up to play with it! He's a whiz! He also pulled himself to standing just one time the other day by holding onto the toy box. He promptly fell on his face and hasn't tried it again yet, but we really only have a few more weeks before the baby gates will probably have to go back up!

Jack (3 years) has recovered from all his health issues although he has gone from one cold to the next ever since the week of his adenoidectomy. He was the same way last fall and winter, though.

Jack also invented the best new word ever. "Lotabody." An example of its use:
Me: Jack, I am your mom and Alexander's mom and Kai's mom. You have to share me.
Jack. You lotabody's mom.

I'm not just one person's mom, but I'm not everyone's mom. I'm lotabody's mom. Love it!

Alexander (5.5 years) is soooooo Alexander. A couple of quotes:
While riding in the van:
Jack: Them trees have leaves falling off.
Alexander: Yes, Jack, some trees have leaves that fall off and some trees stay green. The ones that stay green are called "evergreen" and the ones that lose their leaves are called "carnivorous."
Me: Heh. That's deciduous.

While eating breakfast:
Alexander: I have a penis-ache.

The kids have really interesting conversations together.
Alexander: Jack, I am 100% angry with you!
Jack: Me two pounds angry.

Alexander is also speedily learning to read and it's really cool to watch.

I think that's all for now!

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Anonymous said...

Carnivorous! ::sporfle:: I'm now going to have visions of meat-eating oak trees dancing in my head, you know. Love it!