Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kai pulls up!

Kai pulled himself up on the toy box once a couple of weeks ago, but almost immediately fell back down. While I made sure to note his first pulling up in his baby book, it was probably more of a fluke. However, today while I was making dinner (after having installed the second baby gate to keep Kai from repeatedly army crawling into the kitchen and trying to eat plastic bags out of the pantry), I looked over to see Kai standing up at the toy box again. He stayed standing steadily for about five minutes, when he started to fuss. I sat him back down as it seemed he was getting tired but unsure how to fix the situation. He had retrieved a toy from the box, though! Success!

Who wants to take bets on how old Kai will be when he walks? Alexander took his first step when he was seven months old, but didn't walk well until nine months old. Jack waited until his ten month birthday, but walked well almost immediately. The only bet I'm putting in is that he'll walk before his first birthday! To me it's the sooner, the better. I really can't wait to see the three of them walking and running around together!

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