Monday, September 5, 2011

Jack's Fourth Birthday!

Today is Jack's fourth birthday! It seems unfathomable that my little blondie-bear is already four years old. He's become such a big boy and he is really an incredible sweetheart and an amazing brother to both Alexander and Kai. One of the most touching things for me as a parent of these three beautiful boys is seeing them love each other. Jack has a special place as the middle child and I think because of that, he is able to most easily have close relationships with both brothers. Kai is forever tackle-hugging Jack, and Jack is almost always willing to return the hug. Kai likes to bop Jack on the head and announce, "Jack!" Alexander remains, of course, Jack's best friend. I pretty much melt every time I overhear them spontaneously tell each other that they love one another. Today Alexander sang Jack a special "Merry Birthday" song, the last line of which was, "I love you." This morning, when discussing the possibility of presents being opened, Alexander hoped that Jack would be in the mood to share his presents. Jack immediately said, "I don't want you to be sad; I will share my presents." He would give the shirt off his back to his brother and is forever sharing far more than we would require as fair. He really is just a huge sweetie who loves his brothers (and parents!) intensely.

Jack's favorite color is blue. His favorite food is bagels with strawberry cream cheese. He loves superheroes, Super Mario, and Legos. He hates eating anything "yucky." (Which, to him, is most things.) My favorite Jack-phrase is "That what I were talkin' 'bout." He still sneaks into my room almost every night and crawls into bed with me. He's a fabulous dancer, loves wearing costumes, and misses Alexander fiercely when he's at school.

Happy Birthday, Jack-A-Roo!

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