Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jack's Party

Jack had a super hero birthday party this year. Justin and I designed monograms for each of the kids, printed the design out on iron-on transfers, and made them brightly-colored tee shirts. They also got matching wrist bands to complete their outfits. We set up a little "super hero skills test" in the basement (after a week of rain, it was a mud pit outside) and the kids had to go through a tunnel filled with balls, go around or jump over cones and a "tall building," grab the "sword of power," and rescue a baby from a cage, then take the baby back through the course to safety. They seemed to enjoy this and were presented afterwards with Certificates of Awesome for successful completion of the course. Jack had a wonderful time with his friends and family and spent most of today enjoying his new toys. Thanks to everyone who came!

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