Saturday, July 12, 2008

So totally his father's son

Alexander does not take after Justin in all regards. For one, he eagerly orders his own meal now when we go out to eat, something I think Justin would still rather not do (okay, so I exaggerate). However, when this order is what comes out of his mouth, you know he is his father's son. "I would like the sad face pancake." ?!?! We were at IHOP tonight, and they offer a "Create-A-Face Pancake," which comes decorated with a happy face, but Alexander decided he would rather have a sad face pancake. The staff happily accommodated his request. Thanks, IHOP!


Anonymous said...

Cate had the same thing for dinner tonight, but hers came with a smile. Who knew that you could actually request the emotion?!?!?!?!?! I love that he isn't afraid to ask for what he wants.

Tammy said...

Ha! Last time we went to McDonald's Kyle said "I don't want a happy meal, I want a sad meal." Silly boys!