Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

We spent a very lazy day here today, but do plan to celebrate with a cookout at my dad's house tomorrow. Happy Independence Day, everyone! I am thankful for what we have here in America and proud to raise my boys here! Alexander can (most of the time) now tell you his complete adresss, city and state. He knows that he lives in the United States of America and can identify a map of the US and find Maryland. :)

Alexander and Jack celebrated their independence with a feast of Gerber Graduate Lil Crunchies, of which they can easily kill a whole can in one sitting. Total addicts. Alexander continued the celebration by taking some family portraits (the ones not of him). Is that really what we look like?! (I want to remind you of this drawing of "Uncle Tim," so that you can now compare it to the real thing (bottom right). I told you it was accurate! ;)


Justin said...

Nice pictures, only I believe the "bottom left" is occupied by your husband... not Uncle Tim.

Beth said...

Whoops! Fixed now. Bottom RIGHT is Uncle Tim.