Friday, January 16, 2009


Alright, so fodder for the blog has been a bit lacking lately. So, I've decided to start a contest to liven things up! It's simple. Write a poem, essay, or short story about your superpowers, or why you're better than a superhero. Email it to me at Submit your entry by 8:00PM Friday January 23rd. The winner will receive a $10 gift card (based on who wins, I'll choose an appropriate place.) I'll post all the entries and the winner will be based on reader comments and whatever else floats my boat. Hey, I'm the blog owner. I can do things how I want! I want everyone to participate should you have the time and inclination, but I'm especially interested in what my writer friends and family can come up with. Justin, Dad, Matt, Mara, that means you! If no one participates, I'm taking myself out to lunch! ;)

I'm not the best, and I came up with this with my two kids underfoot this morning. I bet you can do better! I hope that my dad and Mara will refrain from judging me based on proper form, meter, and whatnot. You grammar geeks, you! Oh, and the two of you are also especially well-equipped for this challenge given your comic obsessions ("Hobbies," "obsessions." Semantics.)

"Hello, my name is Supermom
and I'm not just cool; I am the bomb!
I have real super powers and you'll soon see
Spider Man's got nothing on me!
Sure, he can scale walls and he fends off doom
but can he grow people in his womb?
He's caught a few bad guys for the police to arrest.
I make the perfect food right in my breast.
I know the words to a thousand songs
and I've taught my kids to sing along.
They don't even care if I sing off tune!
Beat that, Green Lantern! You're just a cartoon.
I can function on minimal sleep,
though they say you go crazy if you don't get to dream.
I can cook, I can clean, I can sew, I can drive,
though sometimes it's impressive that I keep us alive.
So you have super strength; so you're able to fly,
I'd like to see you quiet a kid asking, "Why?"
"Why do I have to learn how to write?
You can't make me stay in my bed tonight!"
I teach potty training and numbers and letters.
Yeah, you're a superhero, but can you do something better?
And last is my greatest power to tell:
I know the consistency of kids' poop based on smell!


Becky said...

I will have to think of something for this. I have ideas, but I need time to flesh them out. :-)

I am stealing your giveaway idea too, but I am not as flexible. It will be Starbucks! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! I may be obsessed with comics (stop snickering at that "may") but unfortunately I'm the world's worst poet...

I'll see what I can do.

Beth said...

It doesn't have to be a poem! Essay or short story, too! :)

Julieta said...

cute! I'll have to give it some thought. When Julius and I pretend to be superheroes, I'm always Green Girl and he is Red Boy (little Isabella is Pink Girl), but if we're Power Rangers, then I'm Brown Girl (he decided this when I was wearing a brown sweater at the time... that's also how I became known as Green Girl. What I've learned from this? Always wear happy colors around my son).

XEW Music said...

im afraid i dont have time to write a story...i was hoping to come up with something good but no luck right now...but my super mommy power seems to be magic kissies that can heal any booboo in an instant...Nugget's super power is the ability to perpetually whine till people start pulling their hair out and she gets what she wants :oO