Monday, January 19, 2009

First Snow

Today we had the first real snow of the season and Alexander was excited to get out and play in it. Me, too! I love snow. Jack was mostly ticked off that his hands had to be inside his bunting, but he did have a few minutes of fun. I took him back in after about 15 minutes, but Alexander stayed in the backyard and played for about another 45 minutes by himself while I cooked dinner and watched him from the kitchen. He loved it. I hope we get a couple of real good snows before winter is over! ;)

And, of course, you may have noticed that I like to reminisce and compare, so here are some pictures of us enjoying the first snowfall of last winter, back at our old rental place. Obviously Jack has changed the most, but I don't see much of that baby face on Alexander any more that he was still holding onto a year ago, although he does still fit in the same coat!


Kathryn said...

We spent a good part of the afternoon playing in it too!! My boys had a blast, but Collin kinda looked like the kid from a Christmas Story in his snowsuit.

Liz said...

Oh my! We totally did not have that snow down here--only flurries that melted by the end of the day. I guess a county makes all the difference! Jasper will be jealous. When it flurried slightly the other day, he asked if we could go make a snowman now.

Tammy said...

You reminded me I need to post pictures . . . Kyle and Jason went out and played in the snow, too. It wasn't that much here, but enough to make him happy! That's so great that you have a nice backyard that they can play in - how fun!