Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second Contest Submission

Hiccup-Stopping Pantoum
By Kate

"With shocking regularity
each hiccup trips and trifles,
and wouldn't you know
you're fixated on each agitation,

each hiccup that trips and trifles,
and it perplexes me,
your fixation on each agitation.
Relax, I've said. Take your time.

It perplexes me, so I say
put your heart back in your chest and
relax. I've said take your time,
but you're gasping, trying to

put your head in your chest, so
suddenly I'm all sobriety and steady stature,
and you gasp, trying to
see why each time this works, when

I'm all sobriety and steady stature,
and wouldn't you know,
each time this works,
with shocking regularity."

And the background info:
"This is actually about my husband's super power, which is the uncany ability
to cure me (and only me) from hiccups. This is accomplished with a dead-pan
stare that creeps me out - very unlike his usual demeanor. I hope someone
else's super power counts."

Thanks for indulging me and playing, Kate!

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