Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Actual politics aside, no one is denying that today my kids saw history happen. This was the first inauguration that either of them has been around for, and I am excited that they will grow up never knowing a United States that had only elected Caucasian men to its highest office. I tried to base my vote on politics alone, and I won't get into the actual politics here, but I do want to say that I am proud that my country is now in a place where we *can* elect a Black man to the presidency. I am hopeful that my kids will be surprised when they learn of the significance of today, because they've grown up seeing all types of people doing all types of jobs.

When Justin got home from work, he asked Alexander what he did today. Alexander said, "I watched Barack Obama become president. He's an old man. He made some promises." Well, I don't know what's up with the "old" part, but I guess to a three year old, most people are old. I guess my kids might someday want to know what they were up to on this historic day, so I snapped a few pictures of them watching the inauguration.

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