Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Like father, like son?

This morning as Alexander and I sat eating oatmeal, he said to me, "Mommy, I'm sad because I can't ever see my face or my eyes." I replied, "Mmm... yeah. What about when you look in the mirror?" "No, that's not real. It's only a reflection." Huh. True that. Anyway, I found that conversation interesting enough that I recounted it to Justin when he came downstairs, who then reminded me of the first paragraph of his novella, "Reflection."

"In the mirror is the only true image of yourself, in a mirror: a tool, according to legend that can be used to summon the devil to make a deal. However, one will never be able to look upon themselves with their own eyes without one, and at that point they must ask themselves, 'is this image truly me'?"

Weird, huh? ;)

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Liz said...

Wild. These little boys are so insightful. Sometimes!