Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Visit to Lego House

Last week the boys and I took our first extended visit to PopPop's new house in PA. We had been there once before when he was moving in, but only briefly. This time the house was all set up, and the boys got to explore, visit, and play! Alexander had been waiting to get his hands on Uncle Matt's old Legos ever since he found out that PopPop had them stashed at his house, and both boys spent a good deal of time playing with said Legos. If you look closely at Jack's hands, you will see a stack of Lego people heads. This is how he plays Legos- he beheads all the people he can find, then stacks all the heads onto one body. Do not attempt to distract him from this task; it is all-consuming. We also saw Mema (my grandmother), who lives next door, and Aunt Diane, who came bearing puzzles and games. We explored the large yard (and plotted where we should get PopPop to set up a swing set), checked out the local wildlife (and their droppings), and generally enjoyed ourselves. Next time I promise to get pictures of the actual house, or perhaps people other than my own kids.


PopPop said...

But when your own kids are so darn cute and photogenic, who needs pictures of anything else?

Kathryn said...

Yours are better than mine. Alex and Collin's way of playing with leggos are hurling them across the room at each other and then fighting over who had the blue one first. LOL. Your boys seem to play so well together, though of course looks can be decieving. LOL.

Liz said...

Great shot. I love how the lego street (or is it a runway) goes right out the window. :)