Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jack's 18 month checkup

I took Jack in for his 18 month checkup today, and overall he's doing very well. No shots today, either! He is now 33.25 inches tall (75th %) and 25.5 pounds (50th %). So, I'm thinking that Alexander will always be taller, even though I've already warned him that one day, when they're teenagers or grown-ups, Jack might be taller than him! Developmentally, he's right on track or above average except in one area: communication. I guess he's officially the strong, silent type. ;) In all seriousness, he did fall below the "line" for communication, such that the doctor gave me the number to call for Early Intervention Infants and Toddlers. However, she said that because he's on track with his receptive communitcation (he understands), that's she's not actually very worried about him. She said to wait 6 weeks before calling Infants and Toddlers and that if he hasn't added any words to his spoken vocabulary, to go ahead and call, bearing in mind that even at that point he might not qualify for services. I've mentioned before that it's Jack's way to wait to do something until he will be able to do it well, and I think this will be the case with speaking. I expect a big burst of spoken words sometime over the next couple of months. He's definitely made great progress in comprehension over the past 3 months, and I'm not too worried yet!

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